Feel This - EP

by For Peace Band

Released 2015
Released 2015
The Feel This - EP is a mashup of roots, reggae, lovers rock and nothing but good vibes, peace and unity to all the reggae lovers in the world.
For Peace Band is a group of musicians that perform the art of roots/rock/reggae music. In the year 2013, they experimented with their sound of live music at many rehearsals. Instantaneously, They began playing at numerous venues on the island of Guam. After enduring the club circuit, For Peace collaborated with local hip/hop group LGpro at Yigo Amusment Park for their first concert with the masses. Furthermore, the bands main objective was to promote their dominion of writing more original songs before the end of the year. To maintain their persistence of playing live reggae music, the group traveled to the Hawaii Islands to perform with many local acts such as Kapu System, Irie Souls, The Vitals, The Ionz, The Up Heights, The Uprights and many more. Thereafter, the band came back to Guam with a irrevocable passion to write a full length album. In the summer of 2014, For Peace Band released "Forwards Ever" that peaked at #9 on the Reggae iTunes chart on it's first week. Subsequently, the group continues to collaborate with non-profit organizations and conventions wherever they're acquired or needed. Also, For Peace is working on their sophomore album "Always Love" and pending other releases for the future. Welcoming the new year 2015, For Peace Band will be collaborating with International artists Josh Heinrich and Skillinjah on January 16th at Trench Fest. For Peace Band would like to thank Kahmeleon Productions, The Three Moons, Guam Massive Soundsystem, CAlibis Clothing, friends, and family for supporting the for peace movement.

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Feel This EP

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